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Ripcord is an easy to use cost effective tool that builds a culture of collaboration between your knowledge holders & your new hires. Ripcord records, transcribes, analyzes calls & online meeting and then shares the transcription & audio with your team in real time. Most teams train people by listening to a few live calls or sitting next to a top producer for a day. Our system replicates that concept, but in a way that makes your team KEEP learning and sharing so that you can reliably hire new people & get them up to speed faster.

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Other popular use cases...

Keep Producers Honest

So your superstars sell at ton. Awesome. But are they promising customers the world to close the deal? Are they setting customers expectations wrong, causing issues down the road? Now you can listen in & have full transparency.

Record & Share Meetings

Record all your company meetings in one place and have a full transcript saved on the record. Great for allowing off site team members to take part & to drill down to the important parts of the meeting with ease.

Competition Analysis

Set up keyword alerts for your competition & see reports in realtime which competitors are coming up in your sales calls. A great way to keep your eye on the market & your ear to the ground of whats really being said.

Connect Your Team

Use our Slack app to share calls with the rest of your team so they can really see how your product/software/service is being positioned for sale. Giving full transparency to not just sales & management gives your company a better idea of what your customers want, so you can build it.

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Record All Calls & Online Meetings

Ripcord will join & transcribe then share & notify your team of any & all calls or meetings to increase the culture of collaboration & the iterative process of learning (wow that's a mouth-full).

  • Our system is truly real time. Our training occurs live on your calls so that your team trains while they are doing their job..
  • Have internal/external coaches join sales/support calls live & online meetings. Leave real time notes, suggestions & emojis.
  • Use real time call transcription to suggest keywords that match your FAQ/Knowledge base entries, so they learn a little bit more about your product during each call.
  • If a call is going bad a coach/mentor can break into the call or the sales/support rep can pull the 'Ripcord' and request help.

Chat with Your Teammates

Take your conversations from the call to chat to keep the engagement going with your coworkers. Share tips, moments in calls, or just hang out in your virtual 'water cooler' just for your sales team.

  • Mention teammates in your calls with the @ symbol to easily take call moments to a sidebar chat.
  • Easy team chat rooms to disseminate company info with minimal effort.
  • Chat's sync with Slack® to keep the conversation going regardless if your at your desktop or mobile.

Knowledge Sharing, Alerts, Bookmarks & Reports Oh My!

Ripcord has tons of features built around the realtime sharing of information to make your team sell/support better, faster, stronger!

  • Answer questions for your team once and save to the shared knowledge base, that pop up answers based on keywords in LIVE calls.
  • Get notifications whenever specific keywords are said in your LIVE calls.
  • Bookmark your teams best and worst moments so that teammates can learn from others.
  • Killer reporting on teammates to better understand why or why not someone is successful.

Deep Slack Integration

Get notified of new calls via our Slackbot. Join calls & interact with calls right from your Slack desktop or mobile app. Our interface is great, but if you would rather never leave Slack we give you that option.

New Call Notifications

When a new call from a teammate is available you will know right in Slack. Join that call via your desktop or listen from your cellphone.

Call Transcriptions

All call transcriptions can be place in a channel as a separate thread. Leave comments on the call/thread which will be synced!

Put Me in Coach!

Ripcord is the first conversational intelligence platform designed to accomodate external coaching. That means if you run a sales or support coaching company and are looking to offer more value for your clients, we have the solution for you! Ripcord allows you to take part in your clients calls from one dashboard. We act as force multiplier so that one coach theoretically could be monitoring dozens of accounts without breaking a sweat. Even share all your sales/support knowledge and tips via our knowledge base system, so even when your not live on your clients calls they still benefit from your accumulated know how.


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